Meet My Muse

Posted: July 21, 2014 in My Muse is Speaking


Call me crazy, nuts–whatever. But I blame (thank?) my writings on Calliope – my muse. Calliope was the ancient Greek muse of poetry and song. She was always seen carrying a waxed tablet and stylus at the ready to bring inspiration to others.

I have an image in my head of a beautiful young woman in her 20s. She wears a toga and sandals (she is ancient Greek after all) and has long blonde hair (which is decidedly NOT Greek) which cascades down her slim back. She usually wears it in a braid because it gets in the way of a lot of her crazy antics – which she delights in doing often.

Now this is where it gets weird with my muse. Calliope is a time traveler. She comes to me at different stages of HER life. Her ages and styles are as follows:

17 years old: bubble-headed cheerleader. Popular at school, but isn’t the brightest bulb in the box–if ya know what I mean. She is often chewing her bubble gum like a cow chews its cud. She is perpetually cheerful and often clueless about life. She has a tendency to over-trust others. Our relationship is very mother-child here.

21-24 years old. She is either out or in college – she’s a bit of a flake here too, but can be extremely intellectual if need be. She tries to act grown up but continues to make naive decisions based on a lack of life experience. She is a major flirt and once got really drunk one night and slept with half of the Italian soccer team. This caused quite a problem with the Catholic church in Italy. She also incited a near riot when, at a papal mass on Good Friday, she was overheard shouting “down with monotheism!” She also has a sense of entitlement (I refuse to give in) and will charm and persuade men to give her whatever she wants. She doesn’t promise anything in return. This is the age she most often assumes when we’re collaborating on projects. Our relationship is very sister like here.

52-55 years old: A truck driving, Marlboro smoking, bad ass of a woman with a hard edge and bitter mouth. She tells everyone what is on her mind and holds nothing back. She also has a tattoo and won’t hesitate to tell the state trooper to “kiss my ass” if he or she really deserves it. Our relationship is older-younger sister – with her in the role of protective, older sister.

Calliope comes and goes throughout my day. If you have been reading my poetry posts on Twitter you have already seen some of her work. The discovery now could be in asking yourself — what age level am I reading?


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