Random Thoughts

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I want to know what dogs are thinking, but not smelling. I don’t want to have to work that hard or experience that much.

Cats are impossible to read. They need an interpreter – perhaps a chinchilla?

I really don’t want to know how swine flu went from swine to human. Or for that matter, how ebola went from monkey to human. Regardless, someone was acting inappropriately in both situations.

Is it possible to freeze electricity?

There HAS to be a speed of dark. I just feel it. I’d be shocked if there weren’t.

Nothing smells better in a house than a batch of snickerdoodles fresh from the oven.

Any word that has “oodle” in it is fun to say.

Heinous and moist are two words that sound dirty, but aren’t.

Only one letter can change the meeting of a word: slaughterhouse, laughterhouse

The best punctuation mark in the world? The umlaut. Not just fun to use, but fun to say. Try it, you’ll agree:” ooooooommm lowt.:

Ask the Amish if they use hybrids. They’ll probably say, “Yes, I own a mule.” Great tie in with biology.

If Edgar Allan Poe were alive today, I would want to be his Twitter friend. Only.

People who think the world needs to know their every thought and action, but we really don’t:

  • Justin Bieber
  • The Kardashians
  • All reality TV stars
  • Donald Trump
  • Facebook Users Who Constantly Post Status Updates

People who will some day get their asses kicked by an assorted group of fed-up folks:

  • Same folks

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