Middle Aged “Entitlement” versus Twenty Something “Entitlement”

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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mid-life-crisisThe big 5-0 is just two months away for me. Yikes. I look in the mirror every day and count the number of new wrinkles, notice how my eyelids droop a little more, check for sun spots that have turned into suspicious moles, etc. Shit, I’ve arrived. It’s almost time to update my burial insurance.

Screw that. I’m not ready to crawl into a rocking chair yet – there is still too much fun to be had. In fact, I’m ready to have more fun than I had in my twenties, thirties AND forties – because I am old enough and experienced enough to say “I deserve it.”

Today’s news stories report that the generation of children born in the 80s and 90s who have now reached adulthood have grown up with a sense of entitlement unmatched and unmet by previous generations. They’re coming directly out of college (if they’ve even summoned the energy and dedication to attend college) believing the world owes them a six-figure income, a fancy car, a huge house, and all the fancy trappings of wealth, fame and fortune– without having to work for any of it. Instead, they’re still living with their parents, largely unemployed, and whining about how life has “royally screwed them, and it’s just not fair.” I know this, because I have two of my own who are about ready to get kicked out of the house.

I’ve written about my contempt for this generation before so I won’t repeat myself here. Instead, I want to take a moment to talk about which generation of humans really does deserve the privilege of entitlement: Anyone aged fifty and above. That’s who.

Tired woman yawningWhy do I feel like I’m approaching the age of entitlement? Isn’t the answer obvious? Exhaustion. I’ve just grown too tired to give a damn about anything anymore. And it also helps that my two kids are beyond the age where I am still legally required to feed, clothe and house them. Sure, they still live at home, but they live with the constant reminder that “Remember, I am not legally required to give you a damn thing anymore, or bail your ass out of jail if need be, or even provide you with a roof over your head. If you want to continue living here rent free, then get off your ass, find a job and wash a dish and run a vacuum cleaner every once in awhile, know what I’m saying?”  (Sidebar to parents who decided to have another child after you reached the age of 38: What the HELL where you thinking?)

So, what am I entitled to?

I am entitled to a home free of lazy, self-entitled children. I am entitled to a grocery bill that isn’t more than two hundred dollars a week. I am entitled to clean bathrooms that don’t have dirty, wet towels on the floor and dirt rings around the toilet bowl. I am entitled to a kitchen that doesn’t have dirty dishes in the sink from late night dinners I never fixed. I am entitled to a house free from the sounds of shitty music blaring through crackly speakers. I am entitled to clean carpets that don’t have empty food wrappers strewn all over or coffee stains on them. I am entitled to not having to drive my children anywhere, anymore, ever again, because they still don’t have their drivers’ license.

I am entitled to all of the above and more, because I am middle aged. I have worked hard at life, to get the jobs I did have, to buy the nice things I own, and to raise my children to adults. It is now time for me to focus on ME because I am entitled to it. I want it. I deserve it.

And, I have the wrinkles and worry lines to prove this, too.


  1. Great post, could not agree more.


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