A Conversation with Lilly (My Beagle)

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The following is the daily morning conversation that occurs between Lilly, my beagle, and me:

Lilly: (stretching) Ooooh, okay, I guess I’ll get up now

Mom: Did you pee on the carpet during the night?

Lilly: Um…maybe? I don’t remember, I was sleepy

Mom: (checks carpeting) Well, I don’t see anything this time, good – Now, out

Lilly: Okayyy…(goes out)

Ten seconds later:

Lilly: Let me in!

Mom: You just went out there!

Lilly: Yes, and now I’m back in here

Mom: Did you go potty?

Lilly: Um…maybe? I don’t remember, I was too busy sniffing things. Is my food in its bowl yet?

Mom: I haven’t even had my coffee yet..

Lilly: That’s really not my problem, is it now?

Mom: Thanks for your concern, really

Lilly: Is my food in its bowl yet?

Mom: NO. Give me a second, okay?

Lilly: I want out. Let me out.

Mom: But….what about your food —

Lilly: Oh, that. I wasn’t planning on eating. I just wanted to make sure it was in the bowl in case, ya know, I get hungry later. Now, I want out.

Mom: Of course you do

Lilly: I still don’t see my food in my bowl

A typical afternoon conversation between Lilly and me:

Lilly: I want out. Let me out. I want out. Out, out, out. OUT!

Mom: AGAIN? You just came inside!

Lilly: Yes, but there weren’t any squirrels out there last time I checked. I have to check again.

Mom: One minute later, and you think there are now squirrels outside? Really?

Lilly: Okay, maybe not squirrels. Birds. I bet there are birds out there instead. Let me out.

Mom: You like to chase birds too?

Lilly: Naw, just like to bark at them. A lot.

Mom: Yes, I can hear you from inside the house.

Lilly: It’s what I do, and do well.

Mom: It annoys the neighbors, you know.

Lilly: Freedom of speech, baby. I bark whatever I want, whenever I want. Soooo, can I go out?

Mom: Are you going to bark?

Lilly: Lady, if there are things outside that will make me start barking, I will bark regardless of the location. It’s what I do. I’m a beagle.

Mom: Go outside then.

Lilly: Okay. But I’ll be back in shortly.I have a nap scheduled for 1:30. Save a spot on the couch for me, k? Thanks, babe – love you!

Mom: Dammit, you’re doing that “I’m so cute” thing again. You know I can’t resist.

Lilly: (runs out the door muttering under breath) Heh, heh, heh…sucker

This is our daily evening conversation:

Lilly: Nap’s over. Time to go back out.

Mom: Let yourself out- I left the door slightly ajar

Lilly: Okay, thanks. See ya..

Two minutes later…

Lilly: I want back in…


Lilly: I’m hungry…Is my food in its bowl yet?

Mom: You’re killing me here, dog

Lilly: Aw,  you KNOW you love me

Mom: Dammit


  1. Misaal Shah says:

    Hahahhaaa..that is so true.

    Makes me feel bad, I try to be a disciplinarian. But end up giving in.


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