Getting the Nots Out

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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how_not_to_write_university_application_essayI was just visiting my friend’s blog and, as it usually happens, he inspired me to write a response to his post. His link can be found here – go check him out if you haven’t already — he’s a really great writer and has been a big influence in my writing.

While he asks, “Who are you?” I want to counter with “Who are you NOT?” Yes, it seems very philosophical, but in reality, it’s also a very good question to ask.

I’ve struggled for years with who I am. I’ve dabbled  in a wide variety of interests: martial arts, writing, Zumba, etc., but have never really identified who I am as a person. I’ve been struggling recently with my “inner self” identity.

But, what has become vibrantly clear is who I am NOT. Or, who I am NO LONGER.

I am NOT a doormat.

I am NOT ugly.

I am NOT unlikeable.

I am NOT unworthy.

I am NOT too fat.

I am NOT too weak or too strong.

I am NOT letting others make my choices and decisions for me.

I am NOT going to let religious doctrine of any kind do my thinking for me.

I am NOT going to judge others for their choices, or let others’ judgment of me affect or impact my self worth.

These are the nots I have decided to untangle. Once they’re gone, I will work on the “am”s.


Who are you NOT?




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