The Dark Side to “Enlightened” Writing

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I just made a critical error on Twitter. I came across a link to a blog article entitled “Gay Mafia in the Catholic Church” and out of curiosity, had to open it up and read it. While I won’t mention the thoughts that entered my mind as I pictured what gay mafia members would wear as their typical dress, I was somewhat intrigued to read how the gay mafia has infiltrated the Catholic church, according to the writer of this particular blog post. And that was the moment my head almost exploded.

I fully support everyone’s right to write whatever they want – but there comes a time when people really need to think hard about what they’re putting out there to the world, then kindly step away from the keyboard. Because, there is a dark side to writing, and it is ugly.

I don’t claim to be an expert writer — I don’t have the world waiting with baited breath to read every single word of wisdom I write. I am okay with that. In fact, if I did have the world waiting to read all of my literary pearls, I’d be writing every damn day, and charging a hefty fee for those who wish to read it. That’s only fair.

But, since my fan base is limited to a few folks who I know are kind enough to comment on what I write here, I make an honest effort to write as well and informatively (or entertainingly) as I possibly can. I also try to keep the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors down to a minimum so as not to unnecessarily blur the message I’m spreading (you’re welcome for that).

Back to the gay mafia post and the purpose of this one. Today’s writing tip I wish to share is this:

If you  make a series of outrageous, hate-filled, ridiculous statements and try to pass those off as “truths,” be prepared to back it up with facts, or you will just come across as a bitter, spiteful, racist, bigoted jerk with an ax to grind.

I have no problem with grinding ax posts — I’ve sharpened a few axes of my own from time to time on this blog. It’s a very therapeutic outlet and helps me put into words what I can’t speak out loud (unless I’m in my therapist’s office). It just feels good to let the bitter stuff up and out.

With speaking one’s mind, however, comes one’s moral obligation to carefully consider what one is saying before they put it down for the world to see. I’m not talking censorship, I’m talking just being conscientious enough to consider the audience who will be reading your words. How they react and perceive you will be 99% dependent on the tone, voice and language you’ve chosen to use in your posts.

newtons-third-lawIt is entirely within your right of free speech to say you oppose a particular class of people for whatever reason you FEEL they should be opposed. However, remember Newton’s law: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Don’t be surprised, offended or baffled by the equally acrimonious reactions you get from those your writing has greatly offended.

And remember — it is your right to tell the world how disgusted you are over blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Christians, homosexuals, hairless kittens, etc.

Just as much as it is my right to tell you how much of a racist, bigoted, hateful, spiteful, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, bible-thumping, paranoid, sick and twisted asshole you are.

Because, freedom of speech goes both ways.

Free Speech


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