A Visit from an Old, Old Friend

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized


I had an unexpected visitor drop by last night. Oh sure, we keep in contact on a regular basis through tweets or emails or blog postings, but she actually dropped in last night and stayed long enough to make me laugh. Well, not only make me laugh, but make the Twitterverse laugh.

I was just going about my usual process of participating in one of the bajillion (Okay, that’s an exaggeration – trillion is more like it) hash tag wars going on somewhere out there in the Twitterverse. If you aren’t sure what a hash tag war is, allow me to explain.

Some very clever (or very bored) person or people — I’m not sure if they are created by a tag (no pun intended) team or just really talented and funny people who have the time to sit around and think up the most random things, come up with a one line hash tag quip like #RejectedCrayonColors (that was mine, by the way). Then, they send them out to float around in the world where other talented and funny people pluck them from obscurity, read them and respond with equally funny quips.

As with anything else that can be turned into a competition (See my post on what would happen if men had babies), the tweets with the highest numbers of retweets and favorites are considered the unofficial, uncelebratory, non-rewarded winners in the game. I think. I’d never really been able to get many favs and retweets because — I’m going to be honest here – my sense of dry and often dirty humor appeals to only a limited, select crowd. What I tend to find funny often gets met with an eye roll or a raised eyebrow and a whole lot of “Did I really just read that horribly offensive, wildly inappropriate tweet?” Yeah, I think you did because I thought it, typed it and sent it. So read it, star it or ignore it. Those are all of our options here.

Last night, however, my usual dark humor was put aside as Thalia – the Greek muse of comedy -whispered something into my ear during one of the hash tag games that turned out to be a major favorite among all of us competitors. I’ve included a screen shot of it here:


The hash tag was the brainchild of someone who really knows how to keep his or her pulse on recent events. In this case, it was a result of science’s amazing ability to land an object on a comet that is hurtling through space at 86,000 miles per hour. Yes, ten years ago, a group of scientists in Germany launched an object into space with the sole intention of…WAITING PATIENTLY until it went 310 MILLION MILES into space before it would plunk down onto the still moving comet’s back, stick its hooks into it and start giving it some sort of kinky, robotic back scratch, scraping up bits and pieces of the comet to analyze it. As a science-minded individual, this alone makes me gape in glorious, wild wonder.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about amazing and wondrous feats of science. This is about one of my favorite friends, Thalia, and how she is so generous with her gift of humor. She knows exactly what to say to make me laugh out loud — sometimes at the concern of others when I’m discovered laughing at nothing in particular but whatever we’re talking about inside my head. Which happens a lot.

Regardless, the hash tag comment I made got retweeted about 134 times. I generally average about five retweets, but only because I pay those folks to do it. Okay, I don’t pay them. I’m just kidding. Or am I?

By the way, Thalia spent the night. I promised to make her a Greek omelette for breakfast if she promised to help me with this post.

We totally have each other’s backs.




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