Throwing It Down, Mr. Romig

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My friend Doug, over at called me a few moments ago to throw down a writing challenge. While I certainly enjoy a good friendly competition, I feel I am at a slight disadvantage here. Okay, maybe not so slight – the guy has a gazillion books in various stages and sequels both already written and rolling around on that internal, cerebral whiteboard of his.

The challenge was presented as such: From today until Saturday morning, there are two separate competitions: Most stories written and most words written. An interesting challenge to be sure.

He and I do share one thing that keeps us on a level playing field of sorts: our A.D.D. We equally bounce from one creative burst of inspiration to another. I write whatever I want when the mood strikes me (or whatever muse shows up for the day) so my writing will go in any direction at any moment’s notice. Yesterday I was in a quasi-sullen and angry mood so yesterday’s blog post reflected that.

Today, I am in the pre-writing stages of another ER short story about sex swings that fail to live up to their owners’ expectations, so to speak. I won’t ruin the surprise, but keep an eye out for another story that is sure to provide some pretty comical visuals. I know I got some pretty comical visuals when I googled the words “sex swing”. Of course it’s strictly for “research purposes only,” but I probably should delete it from Google’s search history before I let my daughter borrow my computer. Some things are better left unsaid.

Tomorrow, I plan to open my veins a little more (metaphorically speaking – no need to call the emergency squad) and get back to writing the story I’m supposed to be writing for my NaNoWriMo competition that ends on November 30. My word count (there’s that funny little statistic again) is a little over 25K so far, but I’ve passed the midway point and am slowly slipping behind in the challenge.

And that’s why my writing buddy’s throw down comes at a perfect time. I don’t want to lose this to him. I want to be able to say that I can keep up with an habitual writer, not only in word count but story count. I want to be able to gloat and boast and say “neener neener neener” this Saturday as we compare tally sheets and we both agree my writing was overall better and more substantial. (Anybody out there willing to serve as the judge?)

Okay,  I should probably not claim to be a better writer. After all, I only write for my own pleasure. I’m not out to win any Pulitzer prizes or Newberry awards for whatever I’ve written. And definitely unlike him, I don’t care if my work is ever picked up by a literary agent, turned into a publishing phenomenon and I have to spend the next two years on the road signing autographs from adoring fans at local Barnes and Nobles stores across the world.

I don’t need fame and recognition from the literary world to validate my existence. Unlike him.

Oh yes, I threw it down, Mr. Romig. Now it’s your turn to pick it up.

alright lets do this


  1. kim says:

    U go girlfriend!


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