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underwater_usa_01I can’t remember who said it

Where I heard it

Or how exactly it was phrased.

I just keep reminding myself

that I am “over it” – because to be

“over” something means I no longer

care deeply enough about whatever

I’ve crawled, leapt, walked, or shimmied


To give it one more second

of my precious time or energy.

But truthfully,

if I were really “over it”

I wouldn’t be writing about being

“over it” so much.

So  maybe, just maybe

I’m still

under it.


Slow Boil

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

If I could
I would stop by
And see you
One more time
Just to let you know
How much you and
The others
Have made my blood boil
And my veins seethe
With anger caused by
All you souless
Heartless bastards
Who stole what
Little joy I could muster
When all I really needed
Was an ear to bend
A shoulder to lean on
And an ounce of compassion
While I struggled alone
In a sea of so called
Who didn’t give a damn.