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I was raised a Catholic, but am currently re-evaluating my entire belief system due to several recent incidents that have made me absolutely repulsed by the Catholic church.

I have struggled for years, vacillating between believing in an all-knowing, all-powerful ambiguous cloud type thing who is able to manipulate us like puppets on a string, and scientific theory and evidence.

Does this make me an atheist? No. It makes me an agnostic atheist, with a lot of questions that no one involved in religion can accurately answer for  me.

Waves-Ufo-Visit-Alien-Asgard-Concept-Craft-Forest-Sci-Fi-Ship-Space-705226First Question: Why wouldn’t there be life forms on other planets, if God truly exists?

Think about it, if God truly created the whole universe, but ONLY restricted life forms to ONE planet out of….billions, wouldn’t he be selling himself short? And, if scientists can prove there is life on other planets (via the existence of water, the sole supporter of life), then all humans who worship him need to put away their existing beliefs that only God is the creator of earth, man and all contents on it and accept that something else created all life forms. That also contradicts the arrogant assumption that we humans are the only life forms created in God’s image.  (Personally, I have found more God-like, unconditional, accepting love in the body and heart of my beagle, Lilly, than in some humans I’ve met.)

R730039-Supernova-SPLSecond Question: When the sun explodes, and it will, will God die too?

Here is the number one head scratcher question I’ve posed to religious followers, and their answers have always been ridiculously vague and incomplete. Follow my logic as I lead everyone through this thought process:

1. The sun is a ball of gas with a time limit on it. One day, the gas will be used up and the sun will expand, turn into a red giant, and once the gases are all used up, shed its outer layer and become a white dwarf. This is scientific fact which cannot be disputed by any religious organization.

2. When this happens, the Earth will be obliterated in its path, and all forms of life will cease to exist. Which leads to my second point: God will cease to exist once humans cease to exist. I can explain.

As mentioned all over the bible, God created man, in  his image, to serve him. If there are no more humans, than who will serve God? No one. Therefore, God will no longer have a purpose to exist, and he will blink back into oblivion, just as quickly as humans blinked him into existence.

What a fascinating conundrum, huh?