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I spend a lot of time on Twitter, perusing the following hashtags: #catholic #religion and #atheist. Why? Because I enjoy learning what’s going on in people’s heads and disseminating these blurbs between what is just opinion and what is fact. Right now, in the game of logic, fact and reason, the #atheists are winning hands-down.

What saddens me is the idea that atheists need to “come out” of the closet and profess their non beliefs. This is comparable to homosexuals needing to remain silent about who they are, out of fear or threat of ridicule, violence and discrimination.

I’ve been struggling with this topic for years and have always deferred my true feelings based on the need to “belong” to some group. Admittedly, I had seen atheism as something only angry, agitated, cynical people belonged to. Listening to my brother curse the Catholic church for its horrifying antics (before I investigated his claims and found them to be truthful and honestly deserved) I certainly wasn’t one of those people, therefore I certainly couldn’t call myself atheist…or could I?

After reading and learning as  much as I can about atheism, and what it is/is not, I have realized that it puts my true, authentic thoughts and feelings into something concrete. And everything that I thought about atheists was completely wrong. Ever since I started having short little tweet chats with some very smart people, I’ve realized how much more alive, deliberate, nonjudgmental, accepting and happy atheists tend to be. And those things are exactly what I am looking for in my life.

I am an atheist.

I do not believe in the existence of God or Satan.

I do not believe in the after life reward of heaven, or the punishment of hell.

I do not believe Jesus died, then came back to life three days later.

I do not believe in the bible.

I believe in science.

I believe in evolution.

I believe that this life is the only life we get, and it should be lived to the fullest, without fear of punishment after we’re dead.

I believe in treating ALL others with respect, dignity and acceptance of who they are.

I believe in being a moral person, and that morality is based on genuine human behavior, not coming from an imaginary being or a 2,000 year old book of myths, which promotes rape, genocide, misogyny, incest, infanticide, and so many other abhorrent, immoral things.

I believe in letting others believe what they want, regardless of whether I agree or not.

Lastly, I want to reach out to all the atheists who have helped me find myself during this journey: my sister, my brother (who died in June and is missed), and my many new Tweeps who have made me feel comfortable in expressing my true self. Thank you for helping me gain clarity!






how_not_to_write_university_application_essayI was just visiting my friend’s blog and, as it usually happens, he inspired me to write a response to his post. His link can be found here – go check him out if you haven’t already — he’s a really great writer and has been a big influence in my writing.

While he asks, “Who are you?” I want to counter with “Who are you NOT?” Yes, it seems very philosophical, but in reality, it’s also a very good question to ask.

I’ve struggled for years with who I am. I’ve dabbled  in a wide variety of interests: martial arts, writing, Zumba, etc., but have never really identified who I am as a person. I’ve been struggling recently with my “inner self” identity.

But, what has become vibrantly clear is who I am NOT. Or, who I am NO LONGER.

I am NOT a doormat.

I am NOT ugly.

I am NOT unlikeable.

I am NOT unworthy.

I am NOT too fat.

I am NOT too weak or too strong.

I am NOT letting others make my choices and decisions for me.

I am NOT going to let religious doctrine of any kind do my thinking for me.

I am NOT going to judge others for their choices, or let others’ judgment of me affect or impact my self worth.

These are the nots I have decided to untangle. Once they’re gone, I will work on the “am”s.


Who are you NOT?