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I have a dirty little secret. I love tabloid news. I love to read Star Magazine, catch up on all the latest docu-drama on Tori Spelling’s life, Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms and, most recently, the new show Raising Asia

Raising Asia is a new show that revolves around the life of an 8-year old girl’s desire for fame, fortune, and world domination. Closely monitored and managed by her evil sidekick Mom, we watch as Asia complains, whines, pleads and demands her way through life. In the first episode, little Asia says some of the “cutest little sayings” that every parent loves to hear:

“Mom thinks she’s in control in this house, but really, it is me.”

“Pop stars don’t go to playgrounds. Their playground is the red carpet.” complete with a sassy eye roll and exasperated sigh.

Charming, huh? Makes me want to go out and pull an Angelina Jolie on her – offer to adopt her right up.

Asia is a symptom of a much greater epidemic in this country: a growing population of humans with an overblown sense of self entitlement.

Somewhere in recent history — perhaps within the last decade, parents of small children began the systematic and methodical process of coddling their children far too much. Parents, guided by psychologists and schools, were growing increasingly concerned about their childrens’ well being. It was critical that little Johnny or Suzy developed a healthy sense of self awareness, self esteem and confidence. This was accomplished by minimizing as many potential threats to their fragile egos as possible: every child gets a trophy for participating, there are no winners or losers and nobody keeps score. In school, teachers were told to get rid of red pens because red is such a critical color.

And that’s when I have to throw out the bullshit flag.

Let’s face it – life is not fair. Not everybody can be first, not everybody can always win and excel at whatever they do. Jobs are lost, accidents happen, people die way too early. And most importantly, life does not “hand you” everything you want, when you want it. Which is exactly what some of these reality TV shows continue to model to the world with shows like Bridezillas, Toddlers & Tiaras, I Want to Marry a Millionaire, and most recently, Raising Asia.

I understand that I have control over what I watch on TV. I can just as easily turn the channel. But, like a slow motion car wreck, it is hard for me not to watch. Not because I want what others have (but I don’t), but because I feel it’s important to remind myself not to become, or to raise my own kids, with such a grandiose sense of entitlement. 

The seven deadly sins are listed as such:

  • wrath
  • sloth
  • avarice
  • pride
  • lust
  • greed
  • envy

If I were to name an 8th sin, all I would have to do is take each of the seven sins above, combine them all into a ball and rename it “self entitlement”. 

In fact, I demand that be done right now.